The employee satisfaction survey tool that will improve the workplace

Are employees happy with their job? Are they motivated and healthy? Which skills do they wish to develop throughout their career? And what do they think of management?

Not only does the employee satisfaction survey offer all kinds of valuable insights, it also helps create a better workplace. Regularly checking in on your employees and then acting on their feedback will result in happier and more productive workers.

CheckMarket makes it easy to learn more about your employees. You will literally be sending out surveys within minutes.

Why measure employee satisfaction?

employee satisfaction survey

Firstly, knowing what your customers are thinking about their workplace gives you a lot of useful insights. Secondly, acting on employee feedback will eventually result in happier staff members, which in turn boosts productivity.

Apart from job satisfaction an employee survey may also reveal useful insights about management. Managers directly affect employees either positively or negatively. Use employee feedback to identify development opportunities for specific managers or for the entire management team.

Employee satisfaction surveys can also be used to assess team performance and identify opportunities there. Remember: great teams accomplish great things!

The employee feedback loop

It’s important to conduct employee satisfaction surveys on a regular basis. This way you have a constant stream of useful data that will help you spot potential issues early. However, don’t overburden your employees with yet another survey.

Rather send questionnaires to only one department or one team at at time, repeating the process for the rest of the company until you have covered the entire staff. Not only will you now have data throughout the entire year, you will also gain useful insights into all of the departments separately.

Why choose CheckMarket?

  • Employee survey templates designed by our HR experts
  • Combine online and paper questionnaires in one survey project
  • Extensive and easy to use design options
  • Confidentiality guaranteed – CheckMarket acts as neutral third party
  • Unlimited users can add and edit an unlimited number of surveys from a single account
  • Create multilingual surveys
  • A broad range of services, including custom design, scripting and custom analysis

View sample survey

View sample survey

CheckMarket’s HR surveys

  • Employee evaluation: Judge employees correctly by comparing their actual results with the original goals. For each objective check to what extent employees have managed to achieve it, based on objectively measurable parameters.
  • 360 degree survey: While traditional employee feedback usually comes from just one perspective – mostly the manager – 360 degree feedback comes from the people who work around the employee, i.e. the manager, peers and even customers. As such managers get a much better understanding of the employee’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Bottom-up evaluation: Bottom-up evaluations measure the leadership capabilities of a manager, based on a number of core competences. The result is an accurate image of the strengths and weaknesses. The survey is filled in by the team members.
  • Self-assessment: Self-assessment can be part of a job evaluation or a job application. Subjects are to evaluate themselves for a number of core competences that are important for the job.
  • Training: Trainings are great, especially if you let participants fill out a review afterwards.
  • Career development: Use a questionnaire to determine the competences and skills of staff and gain insights into their strengths and weaknesses. Ask them how they see their career evolve and how they want to achieve that.
  • Candidate screening: Applicants entering their resumés online facilitate the work of HR departments and recruitment agencies. Surveys focusing on socio-demographics, motivation, training, work experience, language skills and interests will help create a complete profile of each candidate.
  • Tests: The CheckMarket tool is excellent for performing all kinds of tests for your employees or applicants. Think of language or IQ tests to screen various candidates for a job.
  • Exit interview: An exit interview is held when an employee leaves the company. In some cases a face to face talk can be very awkward, for example when an employee is made redundant. An online survey brings solace.

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