• Accurate processing

    CheckMarket’s high-quality optical recognition software automatically processes paper forms, eliminating any chance of human error.

  • Fast faster fastest

    Our high-performance scanners can each process up to 15.000 pages per hour! That is some serious hardware.

  • Real-time reporting

    Our integrated work-flow insures that as we are scanning, the results are available online immediately. No more waiting weeks for your results.

I have no remarks on the service of the paper team at CheckMarket! Congratulations for this!
Thank you very very very much for your assistance!

Alice Verbeke Educam


Can I analyze the results myself?

Yes, you can. We transform your pile of paper into usable data. Our online reporting tool allows you to produce reports with charts and download the data in a variety of native formats, including SPSS, Excel, Word, PDF and CSV.

How are open answers processed?

Processing hand written responses is one of the more challenging aspects of paper surveys. Our in-house developed online Scribe tool makes it fast, easy and efficient to transcribe written responses. The tool includes built in text analysis and sentiment analysis.


Our efficient workflow and high level of automation means that we can process surveys cheaper than anyone else. Check out the pricing of our scanning services or request a quote.

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