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Add a password to your survey

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Adding a password to your survey may come in handy when you invite contacts via your own email tool or via paper invitations, yet you want to be able to match the responses to the respondents.

At the same time you are sure that only the people you have mailed or written will have access to your survey.

The URL generated for invitations via your own mail tool or via paper will be the same for all of your respondents. When analyzing the results, you won’t know which answer came from which respondent. This is good when you need anonymous results for your specific survey, but in case you do need to identify your respondents, one of the options is to use a sign-in page with a unique log-on and password per respondent.

The CheckMarket tool will automatically generate its own set of IDs and passwords. If you want to personalise the IDs and passwords, please contact us for a tender or more information regarding this option.


Generating a unique ID and password

    1. Sign in to CheckMarket.
    2. Click the Surveys tab.
    3. Open the survey for which you want to generate a password.
    4. Click the Distribute tab and select Add/remove channel.
    5. Tick the options Paper and Contacts.
    6. Click Save.
    7. Import your contacts without an email address and add them to the survey.

It is important that you first select the distribution channel and only then add the contacts to the survey. Otherwise no sign in codes will be generated.

Go back to the Distribute overview. You will now see the following links:

page URL:

Click this link in order to obtain the generic URL to the sign-in page.

If you have your own domain or subdomain set up you can select it from the drop-down menu next to Base Domain.

page URL

It is recommended to personalise the sign-in page URL, especially when sending invitations via paper. Respondents will need to manually type in the URL and having one with a lot of letters and numbers can be quite confusing. You can easily personalize a URL using the CheckMarket tool.

You can also generate a short URL.

Download sign-in codes:

Via this link you can download a CSV file containing the unique ID and password of all of your contacts. You can use this file for a mail merge with your own email tool or MS Word.


page:

Here you can modify the content and layout of the sign-in page. If you’re using a template for your survey, the sign-in page will automatically adopt this template.

Next to the Sign-in page link you will see a button Preview. Clicking this will show you what the sign-in page looks like.


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