COVID-19 screening questionnaire tool

Use our COVID-19 screening solution to quickly setup pre-shift screening of your employees or visitors. No software to install. Runs in the browser on PCs, tablets and smartphones.

Start you own screenings

Try it yourself! Scan the QR-code below.

Organize your own screenings

Ideal for employers and businesses to start from our best practice questions and then modify them, remove some and add your own questions.

Either have employees fill it out from home before they leave for work or place a large QR-code at the entrance that employees and visitors scan to start the screening.

A shortcut can be saved to smartphone homescreens.

Two different result screens

After answering the risk-assessment questions and taking their temperature, the respondents are shown either a red or green results screen. The green clearance screen contains a QR-code which can be validated by scanning it with the photo app of any smartphone. The verification will show if the clearance is still valid and not expired.

Example pass screen

Example fail screen

Real-time notifications and dashboards keep you up to date.

This complete package offers a good starting point for employers & businesses to get up and running quickly.

Fill in on smartphone

Either have them fill it out from home before they leave for work or place a large QR-code at the entrance that employees and visitors scan to start the screening. A shortcut can be saved to smartphone homescreens.

Automatic notifications

Send pre-built notifications to one or more people via email, SMS, or http request, e.g. if someone fails the screening test and cannot start their shift or if a visitor is not allowed to enter the location. Notifications can also do more than just send emails, they can also trigger internal processes like activating entry badges only for passes.

Reports & dashboards

The reporting breaks down: passes & fails by day, location, symptom & operational data. You can create real-time sharable reports and dashboards for all screenings or filtered to show only screenings from a certain location.

Our experts are here for you

Do it entirely yourself with our template or call in the cavalry. Our experienced research experts can help you to set up the forms, notifications and reports.

Multi-tier reporting

Track in real-time the failed and cleared screenings for the day, yesterday, last 7 days and so on. Track fails and reported symptoms on timelines to monitor the evolution.


  • failed screenings
  • cleared screenings
  • reported symptoms
  • locations
  • operational data
survey integrations

Automation & integrations

CheckMarket’s API

Automate your reporting by collecting the results of the screening from our API.  (Read more)


Get the results of the CoronaVirus screening into other platforms that you use. Our software integrates with your tools, so you can automate your daily tasks. Our integrations allow you to share data between our platform and Zendesk, Slack, Microsoft and thousands more via Zapier. (Read more)


Webhooks allow you to set up a call that will trigger each time someone completes the screening form. Webhooks are push as opposed to API which is pull. They can be used to synchronize internal data or application workflow on your end. There are companies that activate employee badges only after they pass the screening each day. (Read more)

Experts to assist you

You can manage everything yourself or build a screening program with our help. Our solution architects can set up a workflow to make sure you get the information you need to the correct people. We’ll tailor the form and reporting to your unique needs.

  • Help setting up the form
  • Help setting up notifications
  • Help setting up the reporting

Report per location

After you are done building reports and dashboards, share it with others. Create different share links, each with different filters, depending on what you want viewers to see all based on your own operational data, hierarchy and organization.

That means if you want to have a report for each location or each region of your organization, you do not need to create 10 different reports. Instead, you build one report and then create 10 shares with each share filtered to only show the data for a region or location.

When you later decide to make a small change to the report, you only have to do it once and everyone will see the change.

  • We already have this practice in our clinic since March 1 before our shift.

    Helene Fifer, Patient Service Representative at Swedish Hospital LinkedIn post
  • Of all the products I have evaluated, this is by far the most impressive. It’s highly customizable, flexible, powerful and fairly priced for our needs (per screening as opposed to per user). Thanks for your assistance.

    Peter Kalogiannis – The Ambassador Theatre Group Email
  • CheckMarket has been a complete game changer for our service. Since March 18th, our staff have completed pre-shift screening over 28K times using the COVID-19 screening tool. The vast majority (~85%) of staff are using their mobile phones to complete the screening, thus reducing contact with high touch surfaces like a kiosk keyboard. Real time notifications of failed screenings and dashboards for each business unit have made CheckMarket invaluable to ensuring the health & safety of our staff, patients, and community partners. The CheckMarket support team has been outstanding. As our screening tool has evolved with changing guidelines and BI needs, they have been exceptionally responsive to support tickets often providing real time assistance late into the night. I can’t say enough about how great CheckMarket has been. Thank you!

    John Klich, Continuity of Operations | City of Toronto LinkedIn post


You can find our pricing, by clicking on the ‘Pricing’ tab at the top of the screen. We have an open pricing structure that is based on the number respondents that will fill-in the screening.