Download survey results to SPSS in one click

Use CheckMarket’s powerful survey tool to create surveys and collect responses. You can get your survey results into SPSS with one click as a fully labelled .sav file that opens right away in SPSS.
Fully compatible with SPSS, no coding needed!

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Save tons of time

  • The native SPSS download is a default feature, available for all users and all pricing plans (even for free trial surveys).
  • Questions and values are labeled.
  • Data labels specified in the CheckMarket survey tool are used as the variable names in the SPSS download.
  • Each variable is assigned the correct scale measure, based on the question type (nominal, ordinal, interval, ratio).
  • By default, questions respondents did not answer, as well as questions they did not see due to survey logic, are left blank in the survey results.
  • N/A values are automatically coded as 99.

Download SPSS survey results with ease

You have different options when downloading your SPSS survey results:

  • Choose label
    Give each question in your survey a data label. In the SPSS file, the data label will be used as the variable name. The question text will be used as the variable label.
  • Choose time frame
    You can select the date responded: you can choose to include all of the responses or only responses given during a certain period.
  • Choose a completion level
    You can choose to download all respondents’ responses or only the responses of those who have completely filled out your survey.
  • Easy to use survey tool
  • Native .sav file (Fully labelled)
  • No conversion needed
  • Cheaper than SPSS data collection


With IBM® SPSS® (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) predictive analytics software you can perform statistical analysis,
data and text mining, predictive modeling and decision optimization to help you anticipate change and take action to improve outcomes.

Create your own surveys with SPSS results

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