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Different file formats for download

CheckMarket offers a wide variety of download formats depending on how the results are to be used.

For reporting purposes, reports with charts can be generated in PowerPoint, Word, PDF, HTML and Excel formats.

If you want to download the results for further analysis in a statistical program or for import into a CRM system or database, then the raw data is available in Excel, SPSS fully-labeled (.sav) or CSV format with or without labels.

CheckMarket offers the following file formats:


Excel (.xlsx)

Microsoft Excel 2007 or higher


PowerPoint (.pptx)

Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 or higher


SPSS (.sav)

SPSS data file, fully labeled



Adobe PDF (.pdf)

Adobe PDF, or “Portable Document Format,” is commonly used on the Web to format downloadable documents.

Adobe PDFs allow you to retain complex document formatting and pagination not possible in HTML. Adobe Acrobat software is required to create PDFs. Acrobat Reader software is required to open and read PDFs. Acrobat Reader can be downloaded for free from the Adobe Acrobat Web site.

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free


Microsoft Word (.docx)

Microsoft Word 2007 or higher


Comma Separated Value (.csv)

The CSV (“Comma Separated Value”) file format is often used to exchange data between disparate applications. The file format, as it is used in Microsoft Excel, has become a pseudo standard throughout the industry, even among non-Microsoft platforms.


HTML (.html)

In computing, HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is a markup language designed for the creation of web pages and other information viewable in a browser. The focus of HTML is on the presentation of information—paragraphs, fonts, italics, tables, and so forth—rather than the semantics—what the words mean.


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