CheckMarket clients all over the world work with a user-friendly tool, providing them with clear reports and valuable insights ready for implementation. We are proud to introduce you to some clients who continue to successfully use the CheckMarket tool and services to book results, tailored to their needs.

CASE 1: AgO – Bottom-up evaluation

The Government of Flanders attaches great importance to qualitative leadership. That is why the ‘Agentschap voor Overheidspersoneel/AgO’ (Agency for Government Personnel) developed an instrument to assess the performance of managers. The employees’ feedback allows managers to work on their development. This survey has been conducted by CheckMarket for quite some years now.

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CASE 2: CCS – Client satisfaction survey

Every two years, CCS conducts a satisfaction survey among its clients. The objective is to improve the products and services based on the survey results.

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CASE 3: Brussels South Charleroi Airport – Paper surveys

Brussels South Charleroi Airport welcomes more than 6 million passengers each year. The airport was looking for a way to ask passengers in the terminal for their opinion on the existing airport accommodation & services and for suggestions how they could be improved.

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CASE 4: Essent – Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Essent attaches utmost importance to client satisfaction. In this regard, a well performing customer service is essential. Essent was looking for a tool to do targeted research on general satisfaction and appreciation for the customer service, with a key role for the Net Promoter Score (NPS) question type.

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CASE 5: Total – Campaign evaluation

Total regularly organizes promotional actions in its Belgian gas stations. They were looking for a tool to let customers and gas station owners evaluate promotional actions.

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CASE 6: Adfo Groep – Versatile survey tool

Adfo Groep was looking for a practical and versatile survey tool for various surveys. They needed a tool that could be used by different departments. CheckMarket offers this versatility and possibilities, so Adfo Groep thought it was a perfect match!

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