Save time with auto-tagging

Auto-tagging is a process of applying tags to open answers based on keywords, in near real-time. We all know that open answers hold gems that lead to insight. Manual tagging can be slow, especially for large volumes. Auto-tagging can do the heavy lifting for you, so that you can spend time turning those insights into action!

How does it work?

Open answers are scanned as they come in, and tags are applied based on keywords and sentiment you set up. It does not have to be only one word. Often a combination of words is important or maybe if a specific word is mentioned, then you do not want the tag applied. By entering your keywords and phrases using our keyword matching options, you can determine how the system applies the tags and sentiment automatically.

Afterwards, you can review the auto-tagged open answers and either approve them or make changes to the keyword settings and rerun the auto-tagging.

Where can I see the results?

You can see the results directly in CheckMarket (shared) reports, dashboards and raw data. You can also filter reports based on the tags. No need to export data to third parties anymore. Keep all your data in one place and focus on actionable insights.

What does it cost?

Carrying on the tradition of not holding back features, auto-tagging is included in all of our plans today at no extra cost!

We think you’re going to love it!

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