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Corona Crisis – CheckMarket Business Continuity

Dear CheckMarket client,

We are truly living in unique times. The coronavirus pandemic is impacting everyone from our families, to our businesses, to our first responders who are bravely on the front lines. As the situation continues to affect our world, we want to reach out and update you on how we’re supporting our employees and our clients.

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Survey Contacts Simplified!

Surveys have changed a lot in the last fifteen years. For instance, customer satisfaction has gone from a long once-a-year survey to short continuous longitudinal surveys spread across the customer journey. CheckMarket has evolved too, introducing new features and best practices along the way.

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5 Easy Ways to Fight Online Survey Fatigue

More and more companies ask their customers for feedback nowadays. We at CheckMarket think that the increase of customer-centricity is great, but unfortunately there’s not only good news attached to it. People are getting a bit tired of filling in surveys, because they simply receive lots and lots of invitations on a regular basis. Survey fatigue is coming to the surface. Since getting valuable feedback is essential, how do you make people open your invitations? These 5 tips will help you get your feedback requests clicked on more easily.

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CheckMarket Zapier integration

Connect your surveys to 500+ Apps with our Zapier integration!

We, developers, like automating tasks. Since we created our webhooks, you have new options to simplify the daily life of your colleagues. But we know building and managing custom-built applications can be time-consuming and low on the priority list. That’s why we integrated our platform into Zapier.

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Our survey security policy

As a survey software provider it’s our job to keep our clients’ data safe. So far, we have earned the trust of 10,000+ users around the world, however, that doesn’t mean we can rest on our laurels. Our developers are working hard on new ways to keep your data locked all the time. Here’s a run down of our survey security policy.

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Improved security for downloads

As an enterprise survey tool, we prove time and time again security is our top priority. Our default SSL encryption and 2-step verification is a testament of our commitment to our users’ security. Today, we add an extra layer of security to downloads and exports from CheckMarket.

When you export data from CheckMarket, a URL is generated which gives access to the file. The transfer itself is secured by https, but if someone could get the URL, for instance if your computer was hacked and sending info to someone else, they too could get the data. This is no longer the case. Now, all URLs to downloads require an authenticated user with access to the specific survey. Our feature to share results with others (not CM users), is protected too and requires a password to access the results.

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CheckMarket makes SSL encryption the default

Our users have always had the option of using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to create a secure encrypted connection between their computer and CheckMarket. If it is now turned on by default for all users and all surveys.

What is SSL (or HTTPS)?

SSL verifies the identity of a company (CheckMarket) over the internet with a certificate authority. If everything checks out, CheckMarket and your computer establish an initial connection called a handshake. During the handshake the connection will determine which kind of encryption or scrambling it will use. The agreement created during the handshake is used to set up a secure connection between CheckMarket and your computer, called a Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Now the connection between CheckMarket and your computer is secure, and not at risk from third party infiltration.

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Mediafin changes strategy based on a survey among 16K readers

Mediafin and Trustmedia, the publisher and the media sales house of the Belgian financial newspapers De Tijd and L’Echo presented their new strategy, Trust 3.0.
The new commercial approach is in a nutshell, “from paper to pixel”.
To gain insights for their new strategy, they organized the Digital Newspaper Survey via the CheckMarket platform. This study asked more than 16.000 readers about their media usage (paper, pc, smartphone, and tablet).

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KBC and CheckMarket choose the most customer-oriented SME

For the fourth time in a row KBC Bank and Insurance teamed up with CheckMarket to award the prize for the most customer-oriented SME. In this project CheckMarket proved once more to be a reliable partner for full service survey projects. This year the prize was awarded to DOVY kitchens. A jury of experts awarded the prize after analysis of a satisfaction survey by all customers of the participating companies and an intense interview and audit with managers of the companies.

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Discover CheckMarket’s research services

CheckMarket is especially known for its powerful and user-friendly web-based survey tool, as you have been using it in large numbers. Nonetheless, it is less known that we also provide many of our customers with complex analyses and presentations of the research findings. This is something we would like to change. After all, CheckMarket also wants to be your partner concerning more advanced analyses.

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Looking for new colleagues!

Do you know someone who wants to help build CheckMarket? We continue to grow and are looking for fresh forces. Who do we need?

Front End Web Developer

A talented expert who can further develop our survey tool along with our Development Team. He or she likes working on the client side and has an eye for beautiful and user-friendly interfaces.

Market Research Project Manager

An organizer who can easily and accurately support survey projects for our national and international clients from the proposal phase to the analysis. In addition, he or she takes care of the further expansion of our client base.

Do you have ambition or know someone from the province of Antwerp? Let us know!

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Member of ESOMAR

Since October 2010 CheckMarket has become member of ESOMAR.

ESOMAR is an international market research organization with more than 4.800 members in over 120 countries.

This association was founded in 1948, and has as a mission to encourage, advance and elevate market and customer research worldwide. ESOMAR’s main objective is to promote the importance of market and opinion research as a way to gain insight into specific topics and issues in order to make effective business decisions. To achieve this ESOMAR offers a wide range of sector-specific conferences, publications and communication platforms.

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Market research gone bad

The CheckMarket team isn’t just a well-oiled machine; we have a great deal of hidden (acting) talent in our ranks. A short while ago we took the initiative of highlighting CheckMarket’s qualities via a short, light-hearted film. Our members of staff put their best feet forward to demonstrate how market research should definitely not be carried out.

It probably won’t get an Oscar nomination but after a great number of takes we can finally show you the results.

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New faces, an even better service 2010

You may already know that CheckMarket is a company that’s still expanding from earlier editions of our newsletter. First we moved premises, then we expanded when our support team as well as our design team grew in number. Establishing the paper team was a new and important step, but it’s not over yet.

This past year we have welcomed another four new colleagues into the fold who will provide the same quality or an even better service, each within their own discipline.

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