Survey best practices

Dealing with open questions

CheckMarket offers fifteen different types of answers when you draw up your questionnaire. A frequent application in this list is in particular the use of open questions. This gives the respondent full freedom, albeit limited to a certain number of characters, to react to a given question or position.

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How to choose a good survey software provider

The world is full of well-intentioned people who believe that anyone with a facile pen and common sense can draw up a survey. Though this may often be the case, very thorough preparation is needed in order to draw up a good survey.

The utility and reliability of the results is highly dependent upon the tool used.

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How to conduct a better survey?

Online surveys are undoubtedly one of the most powerful and cost-effective internet marketing instruments available. It’s just that many of us have become enamoured with their speed and ease-of-use. We don’t always take the time needed for a good preparation. Taking time to design and write a survey that yields valid and clear results is an absolute must.

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