Gert Van Dessel

7 survey mistakes you don’t want to make

Creating a successful survey isn’t just about asking the right survey questions. Sure, they are important, but they aren’t the only road to actionable insights. What good are your perfectly honed questions if nobody opens your survey? How valid are your results really if you don’t know to which segment your respondents belong? We at CheckMarket have put together a list of the 7 survey mistakes we come across the most. As each one can be fixed so easily you’ll probably wonder at the end why you never thought of them yourself. Read on to find out how easy it is.

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What’s the best time to send a survey?

As a survey tool, our users often ask us for the best time to send out survey email invitations. Which is the best day? Is there a specific time (morning, afternoon, evening) that is better? Is there a difference between B2B and B2C? Many interesting questions… There were plenty of opinions here around the office, but since we have much data on the subject, and our users send a lot of survey email invitations, we decided to let the data do the talking. As it turns out, Monday is D-Day for B2B businesses. B2C better avoid Thursdays and Sundays.

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4 stages of Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Many realize the strengths of Net Promoter ScoreSM but few exploit the full potential of NPS® in an automated feedback program. In this blog we will go in depth on how to get NPS to the next level and effectively set up an automated feedback loop. We illustrate this with the ‘the 4 stages of Net Promoter Score’. Starting from inviting your customers to a classic customer satisfaction survey going to integrating the Net Promoter Score approach as an early churn detection and prevention mechanism into your Business Intelligence Software.
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Mobile research, the future?

The technological evolution marches on and opens up attractive new possibilities. Mobile research is undoubtedly one of them. The explosive growth of smartphones and tablet PCs like the iPad ensures that almost everyone is online all the time these days. Moreover these mobile devices will become cheaper, faster, more reliable and more ubiquitous. It is time to act and take advantage of the new opportunities mobile research provides.

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Most Client-Oriented Company 2010

For the third time in a row KBC Bank and Insurance is working with CheckMarket to award the prize for the most customer-oriented SME. In this prestigious project CheckMarket proves to be a strong online survey tool as well as a reliable partner for full service projects.

For KBC Bank and Insurance a well-defined customer policy is high on its list of priorities. KBC hands out its biennial prestigious award for the most customer-oriented SME in Flanders. This thematic award is part of the SME Laureate, a highly valued initiative in which every two years UNIZO, (the Union for Self-Employed persons), KBC Bank and Insurance, Electrabel and Base reward outstanding entrepreneurship.

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New faces, an even better service 2010

You may already know that CheckMarket is a company that’s still expanding from earlier editions of our newsletter. First we moved premises, then we expanded when our support team as well as our design team grew in number. Establishing the paper team was a new and important step, but it’s not over yet.

This past year we have welcomed another four new colleagues into the fold who will provide the same quality or an even better service, each within their own discipline.

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