Mediafin changes strategy based on a survey among 16K readers

Mediafin and Trustmedia, the publisher and the media sales house of the Belgian financial newspapers De Tijd and L’Echo presented their new strategy, Trust 3.0.
The new commercial approach is in a nutshell, “from paper to pixel”.
To gain insights for their new strategy, they organized the Digital Newspaper Survey via the CheckMarket platform. This study asked more than 16.000 readers about their media usage (paper, pc, smartphone, and tablet).

The results reveal that the readers of De Tijd and L’Echo own twice as many tablets and 30% more smartphones compared to the average Belgian. Both devices are intensively used but not for the same purposes. A smartphone is mainly used for the mail and calendar options, a tablet for following the news and online banking and trading.
Interesting is that the newspaper usage depends on the time of day: the paper version in the morning (on weekdays), the website throughout the day on a computer, and in the evening on a tablet.
The readers of financial newspapers are less active on social media; 16% uses Facebook on a daily base (the Belgian average is 36%), 10% uses LinkedIn and 4% is active on Twitter.

Mediafin aims to offer the same reading experience and pleasure by creating news via all media channels (printed newspaper, website and tablet). 13 % of the readers downloads the newspaper abroad, 15% of the website visitors use a mobile device.

The survey results lead to the new Trust 3.0 strategy. Advertisers can now choose a combined ad package where all purchased ads also appear in the digital version of the newspaper. New concepts and advertising models will follow.
The strategy is clear: seamlessly evolve “from paper to pixel” with plenty of options for the advertiser.
Once more, a great example of how listening to customers and asking feedback helps companies to gain insights and optimize their strategy.

The full Digital Newspaper Survey (pdf document) of Media Trust can be found here.

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