Give real-time feedback to respondents

The concept of “gamification” and “market research” has been gaining traction for several years. You can use gaming techniques to improve the quality of feedback from online research.

When you create a survey you want respondents to fill in your entire survey and to answer the questions correctly. Research shows that the more you engage with the respondent and the more respondents enjoy the experience, the better the quantity and quality of feedback.

Giving real-time feedback to respondents is one of the techniques you can use in your survey. Once your respondents answers a question, you show the overall results in the next screen. This allows him to see what other think or to compare his answers with others.

An example shows you how it works:

By showing this feedback, your respondent is challenged to continue the survey as he will be getting more feedback throughout the survey.

How can you set this up with the CheckMarket survey tool?

It is easy, you only have to use some default features from our survey tool.

  1. Sign in to CheckMarket.
  2. Go to the Surveys tab.
  3. Open your survey.
  4. Click on Analyze, and then on Report with charts.
  5. If necessary, set filters to include or exclude responses from certain respondents. The results will be refreshed. Only the responses are shown that match the selected criteria.
  6. Go to the chart you want to use in your dashboard.
  1. Click on on the right side above the question, and then on Share / Embed.
  1. Copy the snippet of html code under Embed
  2. Return to the question editor. Create a new page and insert a question with question type Text/media.
  3. Insert the intro text and then click the source code icon <>.
  1. Paste the snippet in the code of your question.
  1. Admire the result


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  • Marc Engelbos - February, 2014 reply

    Hi Danielle,
    You can indeed at the end of the survey show the overall survey results.
    Accumulating individual responses is currently not a feature.

    Charla - April, 2014 reply

    Hi Marc ….
    I’m also interested in the immediate respondent feedback feature —
    Can you support summation across a number of items so a respondent can see how they perform — compared to sample averages or thresholds they may want to be measured against? If not currently supported — do you have any plans to offer that type of summed feedback in the near term?

  • Danielle - February, 2014 reply

    I love the immediate feedback. Can you also provide for an immediate result of overall survey? For example, If the survey is on dating, could the survey accumulate a ‘score’ at the final answer to send back to respondent to let them know if they are a mediocre date or a super fantastic one based on the sum of the grid from 1-5 on each question?

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