New Report Filter Bar!

Viewers of your reports are going to love how quickly and easily they can filter from now on! As they click, the data and other filters adjust in real time!

You choose the filters

You have total control over which criteria viewers can filter. You can select both questions and meta data. You can choose the order in which they appear and which label is used on the filter bar.

Multiple filters at the same time

Viewers can set multiple filters at the same time. For instance, if a viewer selects ‘last year’ from the ‘date’ dropdown and ‘AMEA’ for the ‘region’, both filters will be applied to the report!

Filters respect the filters

For instance, in an HR survey report, a viewer can select a ‘department’ and then the next filter for ‘managers’ will only show managers that are in that department including the number of respondents.

Go advanced

If they need to dive even deeper, you can give viewers the option of using our advanced filtering which lets them filter based on complex criteria.

Add the bar to existing reports

Starting today, you can add the filter bar to any new or existing reports!

Slice & dice!

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