Automated alerts: Listen – Act – Win

Surveys can seem like rather one-way communication to respondents. They give their time and effort to complete a survey and too often don’t receive any feedback about their answers.

Automated alerts give you the opportunity to break that perception and quickly interact with your respondents. Alerts, used correctly, can win back at-risk customers. They allow you to communicate with dissatisfied customers to learn and repair damaged relationships through coordinated follow-up.

For example, you can identify disappointed customers automatically based on an NPS® or general satisfaction question and push an email alert to their account manager for immediate follow-up.

What kind of automated alerts are possible?

  • Email
    This mail contains a link to the real-time respondent report which includes all respondents answers, contact fields, location, etc.
  • An SMS
    You can send an SMS to recipients anywhere in the world. This SMS text message contains your personal message as well as a short URL to the real time respondent report.
  • A Twitter message
    This is a private message that does not appear in your public stream. It contains all the information the recipient needs to handle the alert.
  • An HTTP request
    These requests are very powerful, because they allow to interact with other systems and APIs. For instance, you could create a support ticket in your helpdesk application, based on answers given by a respondent. You could also send the respondent a follow-up survey automatically if they answer a certain way or use it to update your own CRM.

An example

A company organises a customer satisfaction survey. An account manager will immediately receive a message whenever a customer indicates they are not satisfied. The respondent report gives him a clear view of the needs of the customer. He can immediately contact the customer to address their concerns and win them back.

» Click here to see an example automated alert.

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