Improved security for downloads

As an enterprise survey tool, we prove time and time again security is our top priority. Our default SSL encryption and 2-step verification is a testament of our commitment to our users’ security. Today, we add an extra layer of security to downloads and exports from CheckMarket.

When you export data from CheckMarket, a URL is generated which gives access to the file. The transfer itself is secured by https, but if someone could get the URL, for instance if your computer was hacked and sending info to someone else, they too could get the data. This is no longer the case. Now, all URLs to downloads require an authenticated user with access to the specific survey. Our feature to share results with others (not CM users), is protected too and requires a password to access the results.

Generating a file – and thus a URL – of the results already required an authenticated user with specific survey access. In case the generated URL to the survey results now somehow falls into the wrong hands, your results are protected by this extra layer of security. The URL will lead to the sign-in page of the tool if the person clicking on the URL is not signed in and does not have access to the survey.

This also applies to the results file linked to from the import notification email. You will be able to click on the link and get the file, but if you forward the email to someone else, who does not have access, they will not be able to download it. In that case, you should save the file to a secure location, to which the recipient has access.

We advise you to take your data security as seriously as we do. It’s easier than you think for bad guys to steal your data. Or… for your employees to lose it.

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