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Reasons to use a unique login for each user

We absolutely advise each account or user administrator to create a unique login for each user that will be accessing their CheckMarket account. There are numerous advantages and no extra costs!

A great feature at CheckMarket is that each account can have an unlimited number of users. We do this to promote best practice. Using the same credentials for multiple users is a really bad idea. Don’t do it!

Here are some of the main reasons why:


  • Surveys contain critical and sensitive business data. Are you sure you want to give all your users access to all that data? Each CheckMarket user must use their own email address and password to sign in. NEVER use another user’s logon credentials.
  • Using unique users, roles and permissions allows you to limit a user’s access to certain surveys and to control what actions they can take. For instance, you could have an intern prepare a survey and at the same time not allow them to launch it until you have reviewed it.
  • Should a user no longer work for your company, it is wise to remove this user immediately so they can no longer access sensitive information or delete important data from your organization’s CheckMarket account. If you use a group login, you will have to change the password for everyone. Sharing passwords is such a bad idea.
  • When everyone signs in with their own account, they can all use two-step verification, protecting your data even more.


  • Actions taken on surveys are logged in our system (e.g. which user has edited or deleted a question, who has imported or deleted contacts, etc.). Every account or user administrator can see these actions in the Activity Log.
  • The account or user administrator decides which rights, roles and permissions they assign to each user.


  • Using unique logins for each user will enable us to provide faster and proper support.
    If there is an issue with a survey, our support team contacts the user working on the survey. A lot of time can be lost trying to find the right person if you don’t work with unique user logins.
  • Our system sends a number of automatic emails depending on user actions. For instance, it sends out a daily or weekly survey report. If users share an email address, they will all get, read and deal with emails not meant for them, which is not efficient. Even when they are working in the tool, data from surveys not pertinent for them will only distract them.
  • All users receive our newsletters and product updates (about 1 per 1.5 months). That way, they keep track of all new features in the CheckMarket survey tool and read our tips & tricks about survey research.


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