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  • Adam - March, 2019 reply

    Hi Gert,
    Great article!
    When serving the NPS question to customers, you recommend that it is supported by at least one open question to get some substantiation behind the score achieved. My question is that when we go to the effort of sending out a survey, there’s a big temptation to put in lots more quantitative rating-based questions, for example, to measure specific components of the business (customer service, consultancy, product etc). If I do this, with the NPS positioned as the first question, would it still be a robust survey throughout? Or is it better to keep the survey NPS specific.

    Gert Van Dessel - April, 2019 reply

    Hi Adam,

    When you put the NPS question at the beginning of your survey the length of your survey will have no impact on the NPS results as such.
    The only consequence will be that your response rate for the total survey will drop, but this has no consequence for the NPS scoring.
    Of course, if you mention in your survey invitation that the completion time will be around 20 minutes, your opening rate will also drop considerably.
    But a 20 min survey is never a good idea. Try to limit it to 5 min.

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