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Sending a thank-you mail

When you send invitations via CheckMarket you can automatically send a thank-you mail as soon as a respondent reached the thank-you page.

The process consists of these two steps:

  • Select the distribution method Send with CheckMarket’s email system
  • Activate the thank-you mail

Select the distribution method

  1. Go to your survey and click on Distribute.
  2. Click on Add / Remove channel.
  3. Select Via Email and Send with CheckMarket’s email system and click on Save.

Activate the thank-you mail

  1. Click on Distribute and then click on Thank-you mail.
  1. Click on Edit in order to change the contents of the mail.
  2. If you want to see a preview version in your browser, click on View.
  3. In order to send an example to yourself or your colleagues via mail, click on Send preview mail.
  4. Click on Inactive and select Active from the drop-down menu to activate your Thank-you mail.

You can use the Thank-you mail to thank your respondents for their time, provide them with a printable coupon or discount code, or send them a link to their own answers so they can print them.

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