Help Center

Create a survey

It’s fast and easy to create a survey with the CheckMarket tool. Start from scratch or select one of the 20 templates we offer for free with your account.

Add questions to your survey

Add questions to your survey just by clicking on one of CheckMarket’s 19 question types. Once created, questions can be edited again quickly as well.

How to edit questions

This article explains in detail how to edit questions in the CheckMarket Online Survey Tool. We promise, it’s as easy as abc.

Import contacts into a survey

Import contacts from a file to a survey and then send automatic invitations via email or SMS. Include metadata which you can use in your survey and analysis.

Skip certain questions

You can decide to let your respondents skip certain questions or pages. CheckMarket offers 2 techniques: branching and page display logic.

Test your survey

Before launching your survey it is paramount that you test it. You can test the entire survey, test a few pages or pretend to be one of your contacts.