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Showing privacy notices on surveys

Present your own privacy notice in surveys to contacts and respondents. You can have it shown in the footer of your survey & email invitation and link to it by using a variable.

Asking survey respondents for consent

Privacy laws, such as the GDPR (see Article 7 – “Conditions for Consent”), require that data subjects have consented to processing their personal data. One of the ways to do this is by adding a consent question to the beginning of your survey.

Data retention rules

Often privacy laws or internal organization security rules require that personal data not be retained longer than necessary. By setting data retention rules you can specify after how much time contacts and/or respondent data must be removed automatically from your surveys.

Data Processing Agreement

CheckMarket offers a GDPR and CCPA compliant data processing agreement to help our clients to be privacy legislation compliant.

De-identification in surveys

This option allows you make it more difficult to identify respondents in your survey. It disables the collection of IP addresses and referrers and breaks the connection between contacts and their individual responses in the reporting.