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Add a contact list to a survey

You can add an entire contact list to a survey or a subset of one by applying filters, cooldown rules, maximum number to be added, etc.

Contact lists

A contact list is a ‘reusable group of contacts’ which lets you easily distribute multiple surveys to the list without importing a file.

Global opt-out list

When respondents indicate they don’t want to participate in any of the surveys you send out, we save them in your account’s opt out list.

Import contacts into a survey

Import contacts from a file to a survey and then send automatic invitations via email or SMS. Include metadata which you can use in your survey and analysis.

Looking up the contact history

The contact history gives an overview of all surveys a particular contact was invited for. If they responded you can access the contact report from here.

Individual respondent reports

There are two types of respondent reports available in CheckMarket: the report with metadata, and the report without metadata.