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Using emoji in a survey 😍

Take advantage of the power of emoji (or smileys) and use them in survey questions, as answer options, in your email invitations, …

Survey appearance

You can completely personalize your survey appearance by adding logos, banners, change the color etc. to match it to the look ‘n feel of your own company.

Show introduction on a separate page

The introduction text of a survey is shown on the same page as the first question. You can show the introduction on a separate page via the survey settings.

Survey appearance

In order to optimally set up your survey’s appearance, it is important to know which settings in the appearance menu change which part of your survey.

Add a tooltip

A tooltip can be used to clarify certain words or images in your survey. It will appear when a respondent hovers over the word(s) or image with his cursor.

Using images in a survey

You can easily embed images in a survey with the CheckMarket Online Survey Tool. You can add images, logos, videos, sound fragments and other files.