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Survey CSS snippets

Custom CSS gives you total control over the look & feel of your surveys. Create stunning survey designs and match your branding exactly.

CSL – Validator

Check your CheckMarket Scripting Language (CSL) syntax. This online tool will help quickly spot errors in your CSL code.

CSL – Survey Variables

Variables available in the Survey Interface (SI) from the CheckMarket Scripting Language (CSL). Use them to add dynamic content to your surveys, emails and notifications.

Survey Question Prefilling

Pre-fill an answer to a survey question through the URL or setting a default answer which can be meta-data, random selections, variables, and fixed values.

Survey CSL snippets

This article provides some ready-to-use CSL code snippets for different situations. Each snippet can be customized further.

Quizzes and scoring in surveys

Create a quiz, test or exam by adding scoring and points! Apply it in your HR surveys, use it as a classification in product or customer surveys, etc. When people answer a question, you can tell them if they got it right, or keep their scores to yourself.

Passing information into a survey

There are two ways to pass information (metadata) into a survey. Import it with your contacts by uploading, FTP, API or by using a query string.