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Survey Question Prefilling

There are two ways to prefill an answer to a survey question: adding the answer to the survey URL or setting a default answer in the question editor.

Quizzes and scoring in surveys

Create a quiz by adding scoring and points! Apply it in your HR surveys, use it as a classification in product or customer surveys, etc. When people answer a question, you can tell them if they got it right, or keep their scores to yourself.

Using emoji in a survey 😍

Take advantage of the power of emoji (or smileys) and use them in survey questions, as answer options, in your email invitations, …

Copy survey pages

Copy survey pages to copy all of the questions on that page onto a new page. Afterwards you can still add page breaks to split the questions across multiple pages.

How to edit questions

This article explains in detail how to edit questions in the CheckMarket Online Survey Tool. We promise, it’s as easy as abc.

Survey appearance

You can completely personalize your survey appearance by adding logos, banners, change the color etc. to match it to the look ‘n feel of your own company.

Multilingual survey best practices

Even though creating multilingual surveys in CheckMarket speaks for itself, here are some multilingual survey best practices to make your work even easier.