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Credits auto top up

Have your credits automatically recharge anytime your balance falls below a specified amount.

Upgrade a subscription

You can upgrade your subscription at any time. You only pay the difference between the old and the new subscription price.

Can I pay by credit card?

You can upgrade your account and pay it by credit card. In this case your account will be active immediately.

Change your billing details

You can easily change your billing details, e.g. address, contact person, VAT number, reference on invoices, etc. using the CheckMarket Survey tool.

Cancel a subscription

A subscription period is 1 year and is auto-renewed each year. You can cancel a subscription by inactivating the auto-renew setting.

Renew a subscription

Subscriptions are set to auto-renew, so there is no action on your part required. The account and billing admins will receive an email alert 30 days before the subscription ends.

Activate a subscription

You can order a subscription in different ways. The procedure to follow depends on whether or not you are already a CheckMarket client.

SEPA bank transfers to CheckMarket

If you use online SEPA bank transfers, using the bank’s IBAN and BIC codes, the EU-payment will be without extra charges for both transferrer and remittee.

Purchase credits

Credits are a great way to prepay for services and subscriptions. Credits never expire. We offer discounts when purchasing credits.

Reference on invoices

As account administrator or billing administrator you can add your own reference or PO number to your invoices at different points in time.

Change your billing model

If you wish to change your billing model, you can simply submit a request using the CheckMarket tool. Our billing department will handle your request.

VAT applicability for your country

CheckMarket’s offices are located in Belgium, which is part of the EU. Applicability of VAT depends on the country indicated in your billing address.

Use of CheckMarket credits

CheckMarket credits can be used to pay for all products and services CheckMarket offers. Credits never expire. Track their usage in real time.

When does my subscription start?

Immediately after you order a subscription, it becomes active for one year. A subscription start date doesn’t have to be the first day of the month.