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Importing contacts into a survey

Import contacts from a file to a survey and then send automatic invitations via email or SMS. Include metadata which you can use in your survey and analysis.

What’s the maximum length of a text message?

The maximum length of a text message is 160 characters as long as you use standard 7 bit characters. Once you use a character that is not in the 7 bit encoding list, your maximum number of characters in a text message drops to 70. When you write your message in the CheckMarket Survey tool

Reset survey contacts

Resetting contacts makes it possible for those contacts to fill out the survey again using the same link that they have received before.

Survey invitations via text message

You can send survey invitations via text message using the CheckMarket Survey Tool. Import a contact’s mobile phone number instead of their email address.

Sending automatic reminders

You can send two different types of reminders for your survey. Each type is sent at a different time that you can decide yourself.

Unsubscribe (opt out) contacts

Contacts can be unsubscribed from CheckMarket surveys in two ways: via the opt out link in the e-mails or you unsubscribe them yourself via your account.

Contact statuses

You can review the contacts’ statuses for your survey. At a glance you will be able to see, for example, who has already responded and who hasn’t.