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Buying a CheckMarket survey panel

The CheckMarket online survey panels consist of millions of respondent profiles. Just let us know what you are looking for and we’ll set it all up for you.

Recurring surveys

Scheduling a recurrence makes it easier to regularly send a survey to the same group on a schedule: Daily, weekly, quarterly, or the first Monday of every month.

Image for social media survey

Increase the response rate of your survey by adding an image, title and description to your post when sharing your survey on social media.

Invitation sending warm-up

Each time new contacts are added to a survey, the invitations will be sent out in batches that grow exponentially.

High complaint rate warning

This message means that your contacts are marking your email as SPAM and you need to take immediate action! This article explains which actions you can take to remedy the situation.

Domains blocked from import

CheckMarket blocks the import of email addresses that are known to belong to either a mailing list or spam detection service.

Add a contact list to a survey

You can add an entire contact list to a survey or a subset of one by applying filters, cooldown rules, maximum number to be added, etc.

Contact lists

A contact list is a ‘reusable group of contacts’ which lets you easily distribute multiple surveys to the list without importing a file.

Global opt-out list

When respondents indicate they don’t want to participate in any of the surveys you send out, we save them in your account’s opt out list.

High bounce rate warning

If you’ve received a ‘High bounce rate warning’ message, the bounce rate for that specific survey is higher than 5% and email sending has been throttled.

Add a survey to your email signature

By adding a survey to your email signature you can get a higher response rate, without much additional effort. Simply respond to those emails in your inbox!

Importing contacts into a survey

Import contacts from a file to a survey and then send automatic invitations via email or SMS. Include metadata which you can use in your survey and analysis.

Slack surveys and polls integration

Our Slack integration lets you conduct surveys and polls on Slack. Post questions to Slack, get notifications in Slack for unhappy customers and post charts of survey results.

Post a survey to Slack

Using the CheckMarket integration with Slack you can post a survey or poll to Slack. This can be either a quick poll or an entire employee satisfaction survey.

Embed survey in a mobile app

While there are great systems for tracking how your app is used, connecting that info to who those users are and finding out what their motivations are, is what surveys do well.