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Invitation sending warm-up

Each time new contacts are added to a survey, the invitations will be sent out in batches that grow exponentially.

High complaint rate warning

This message means that your contacts are marking your email as SPAM and you need to take immediate action! This article explains which actions you can take to remedy the situation.

Domains blocked from import

CheckMarket blocks the import of email addresses that are known to belong to either a mailing list or spam detection service.

Add a contact list to a survey

You can add an entire contact list to a survey or a subset of one by applying filters, cooldown rules, maximum number to be added, etc.

Contact lists

A contact list is a ‘reusable group of contacts’ which lets you easily distribute multiple surveys to the list without importing a file.

Global opt-out list

When respondents indicate they don’t want to participate in any of the surveys you send out, we save them in your account’s opt out list.