Help Center

Importing contacts into a survey

Import contacts from a file to a survey and then send automatic invitations via email or SMS. Include metadata which you can use in your survey and analysis.

Add a password to your survey

Add an extra layer of security to your survey by adding a password. The tool can generate the sign-in codesor you can decide the passwords yourself.

Survey QR code

Generate a QR code for your survey. People can scan the QR-code with the camera app of their smartphone to take the survey.

Unsubscribe (opt out) contacts

Contacts can be unsubscribed from CheckMarket surveys in two ways: via the opt out link in the e-mails or you unsubscribe them yourself via your account.

Contact statuses

You can review the contacts’ statuses for your survey. At a glance you will be able to see, for example, who has already responded and who hasn’t.