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Create a survey report

Create a survey report or dashboard using our powerful ReportBuilder. Once it is ready, you can share it with others.

Report element types

The type determines how the data will be visualized to convey information and more than that, to provide insights into the survey results.

Add a report element

An element is a building block of a survey report. This can be a chart, score-card, cross-tab, free text, etc. You can create multiple elements for each question.

Copy a report element

Duplicating an element is a fast way to have multiple elements that are similar, but vary slightly like having a different filter.

Delete a report element

Delete report elements that you no longer need by selecting these elements and clicking on ‘Delete element’ in the top-right menu.

Resize a report element

You can resize report elements to place them next to each other instead of underneath each other. This is how you create dashboards.

Filtering survey reports

Filtering is a great way to narrow the results, gaining new insights to how different groups responded to your survey, and to see how different variables are related.

Report Element Breakout

Break out the information in an element into groups based on other data. For instance, display the satisfaction score for each of your stores side-by-side.