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Create a survey report

Create a survey report or dashboard using our powerful ReportBuilder. Once it is ready, you can share it with others.

Report element types

The type determines how the data will be visualized to convey information and more than that, to provide insights into the survey results.

Filtering survey reports

Filtering is a great way to narrow the results, gaining new insights to how different groups responded to your survey, and to see how different variables are related.

Survey Report Benchmarks

Benchmarks can be used to compare the current period vs. the previous period or to compare a selection of your respondents to all respondents or to set a fixed target value.

Report element breakout

Break out the information in an element into groups based on other data. For instance, display the satisfaction score for each of your stores side-by-side.

Share a survey report

Share your survey report by creating share links, each with different filters, depending on what you want viewers to see.

Multilingual survey report

In multilingual surveys you will be able to add languages to the report so that viewers can consult it in their own language.

Basic report element properties

Report elements share some basic settings which we cover here. Properties and settings that are specific to an element type are covered in other articles.