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Report style and themes

One of the benefits of the ReportBuilder is that you can fully customize the look and feel of your survey reports. You can add your company’s logo and colors, change the default font style and size for all elements, add a background color, make all elements transparent, etc.

The possibilities are endless.

Once set, you can save the report style as a theme so that it can instantly be applied to other reports, even across different surveys.

To open the report style settings, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the ReportBuilder and edit your report.
  2. Click on the cogwheel Survey report cogwheel at the top right and then on Style.

You see three tabs here: Page, Elements and Themes. These control the page, elements and themes settings for the entire report. They can be overridden on element level by changing the style settings for a specific element.

First things first, let’s go over the different report style settings:


The Page settings control the style of the entire report page. You can change the background color, or set an image as background, and add a logo to your report.

Additionally, you can use custom CSS to let the report match your company’s look and feel even more.


Select an image from your CheckMarket media library, or upload a new image.

Choose its alignment (left, center, right), and add a URL to which the image links, should viewers click on it.


Select a color and change the transparency, or select one of the available images from the media library to be used as background.

Custom CSS

For the designers: CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. It is a markup language that controls the appearance of HTML elements on a web page. There is almost endless potential to what you can do with CSS to modify the design of your report.


These settings control the style and layout of all of the elements in the entire report.

If you wish to change the style of just one element, click on that specific element and select the desired settings on its Properties tab. Doing so will override any style settings made at the report level.


Change the font, size, color or alignment of the text used in the title, labels, statistics, etc.

Chart colors

These settings control the colors used by default in all of the elements. You can also set the default color for positive and negative answers, the N/A answer choice, and the benchmark.

Element style

Set the default background color, border color, border width, … for all of the elements used in the report.


Change the default donut hole size for all Pie & Donut elements that you add to the report.


Select one of the available report themes or save your current style settings as a new theme. This theme will be available for all your reports across the entire account, so make sure to give it a clear name.

When you select a theme, that style will be applied to all of the elements in the report.

Attention! Remember that report style settings can be overridden at the element level. If you notice that an element does not have the desired style after applying a theme or changing the report style, check the style settings for that particular element. Most likely something has been set/changed there at the element level. You can deselect the custom setting in that element and it will then inherit its style from the report again.

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