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Available media file formats

CheckMarket supports the following media file formats:

  • Images: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, svg
  • Office files: xls, xlsx, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, pps
  • Video: mp4, webm
  • Audio: m4a, aac, mp3
  • Other: csv, pdf, ics, ico

Images, video and audio files can be shown or played in the survey. The other files can be linked to, so that respondents can easily access and/or download them.

The file size is limited to 95MB.

The media file format you wish to use doesn’t appear in this list? Contact our Support department via [email protected].


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  • Veronica Ambrosini - March, 2018 reply

    What is the max file size per format that can be uploaded?

    Nadia De Vriendt - March, 2018 reply

    hi Veronica, thank you for reaching out. The max file size is 95MB.

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