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Consult your survey results in real-time

CheckMarket shows your results in real-time. While you are still gathering data, you can already immediately follow up on the progress.

This way you will spot trends much sooner and you can consult your survey’s response rate in one click.

This enables you to make thought-out decisions, for example about whether or not to send automatic reminders to elevate your response.

Create a report

  1. Go to the survey.
  2. Click on Analyze > Reports.
  3. By default you will already see two possible reports:
    • The smart report (which automatically has the same title as your survey): this is an intelligent report that aims to give you more insights into the data already by using a combination of elements, applying breakouts automatically, …
    • The distribution report: view statistics about the distribution: response timeline, dropout rate, referring sites, geolocation map and more.
  4. Click on either report to generate it.

Your report is now being created. The very first time it may take a bit longer to load because the system is still gathering all of the data.

Once created you can get dig in and adjust or move every element, add new elements, add filters, and – once you are ready – share the report. The steps to follow can be found in the corresponding help articles.

Getting started with the ReportBuilder

We recommend that you first read our Getting started with the ReportBuilder article, as the ReportBuilder is a very powerful tool, and along with all that power comes some complexity. It is worth taking a few minutes to understand the major zones of the ReportBuilder, some key concepts and its terminology.

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