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Upgrading or canceling your subscription

CheckMarket offers several pricing tiers as well as both monthly or annual subscription formats.

For both monthly and annual subscriptions, the following apply:

  • If you upgrade your subscription at any point throughout your subscription, your additional respondents will be available immediately.
  • All plans will auto-renew.
  • If you downgrade your subscription, you will have access to your current plan until your current subscription end date.
  • If you terminate your account, all data is immediately deleted. See  Terminating your account for details.
Note: If you upgrade your subscription, whether monthly or annual, the end date of your subscription stays the same and any remaining volumes will not be transferred over to the new subscription period.

Upgrading your subscription

  1. Select Account from the CheckMarket main menu.
  1. Select Billing.
  1. Select Upgrade subscription.
  1. Select your new subscription plan.

Canceling your subscription

  1. Select Account > Billing to view billing options (see steps 1 and 2 in “Upgrading your subscription” above). Select Subscription settings.
  1. For all customers, whether monthly or annual, you can cancel your subscription on this page by clicking Cancel Subscription.

    Note: Customers with outstanding invoices will see a View Invoices button instead of Cancel Subscription.

If you cancel your account, but change your mind before the end of your current billing period end date, you can choose another subscription model by selecting a plan from the Next subscription model dropdown. If you make a selection here, your account will not be canceled.

  1. Enter a reason for canceling your subscription and click Cancel Subscription.

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