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Change the survey owner

The person who creates a survey, automatically becomes that survey’s “owner“. They’re usually the main contact person for all questions regarding that particular survey project.

It is possible to transfer ownership to another user, e.g. because the current owner no longer works for your organisation or is moving to a different project or a different department.

Before proceeding with the steps below make sure the person you wish to make owner is a CheckMarket user.

If not, first create a user for them (or ask the account administrator to do so, if you don’t have those rights) with the correct roles, rights and permissions. They must at least have rights to the survey you want to make them owner of.

Change the survey owner

  1. Go to the survey
  2. Click on Settings and then Permissions.
    Or: click on the owner’s name in the Survey overview page.
  3. Click on actions next to the person you want to make owner, and select Owner in the dropdown.

That person will immediately become the new survey owner.

Their name will appear on the survey overview page and in the Created by column in the Surveys tab.

The activity log will still show the name of the person who originally created the survey when you filter on the action Survey created. That way you’ll always know who the survey’s original owner was.

Attention : the former owner will still have regular access to the survey. If you don’t want this, you have to change their permissions.

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