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Domains blocked from import

Apart from role-based emails, there are two other types of email addresses that you’ll never want to email: mailing lists and spam detection services. CheckMarket blocks the import of email addresses and domains that are known to belong to either a mailing list or spam detection service.

Mailing lists

Mailing lists allow users to create their own email distribution lists and function similarly to role-based email addresses. As these also do not belong to an individual and are likely to bounce or mark your email as spam, we treat them the same and thus block them during an import.

The following domains are known to be used for mailing lists and are thus all blocked from import:


Spam detection and blacklist services

There are several spam detection and blacklist services that identify email and IP addresses that send unsolicited email messages. As a general rule, don’t send any mailings to these organizations. It will only increase the potential of ending up on one of the lists which they manage.

CheckMarket assists you with this by automatically blocking the import of known addresses and domains.

  • *@*
  • *@*ahbl*
  • *@*mail-abuse*
  • *@*maildaemon*
  • *@*njabl*
  • *@*sorbs*
  • *@*spam*
  • *@*spamcop*
  • *@*Spamhaus*
  • *@*surbl*
  • *

The * can be replaced by any character, e.g. both the domains and – and consequently any variations thereof – will be blocked.

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