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Reversed extraction

With regular extraction you can make sure that subsequent questions only show certain options that your respondents have marked in a previous question.

Reversed extraction does exactly the opposite: it shows the options that your respondent did NOT select.

Set up reversed extraction

First create your source question (the question you are going to base yourself on) and your target question (the question that will only show the options that were NOT marked in the source question).

Make sure both questions are on separate pages. Also add a question data label, preferably to both questions, but at the very least to the source question. You will need this in your CSL code later on.

Now edit the target question:

    1. Go to the Display logic tab.
    2. Select Hide if next to each response option (leave the question itself on ‘Show’)
    3. Add the following code to each box:
      • replace [LABEL] by the actual question data label that your gave the source question.
      • replace x by the number corresponding to the answer option’s order in the list, e.g. the first answer option receives ‘1’, the second ‘2’, etc.

What if all options are selected?

It’s always possible for a respondent to select all of the provided options. In that case your follow-up question becomes redundant and should not be asked.

There are 2 ways in which you can make respondents skip this question:

  • Make them skip the entire page
  • Let them go to this page, but hide the question instead

Skip the entire page

In order for respondents to skip an entire page you can use either Branching or Page Display Logic.

Check the following Help Center articles for more information on either topic:

Use either of these when your follow-up question is the only question on a page, or when none of the other questions present on that page are valid when all of the options in the source question have been selected.

Hide the question

You can still let respondents visit the page that contains the follow-up question. Just make sure to hide the question when all options are selected.

Use Question Display Logic to do so. We have an entire article dedicated to the subject: Question Display Logic.

Use this option when there are other questions present on this page that this particular respondent still needs to fill out. Of course, if these questions can be put on a separate page, we recommend doing so, and making use of page display logic or branching instead. It’s slightly easier to set up.

What if the respondent selects “none of the above”?

Easy, the reversed extraction will still work, but it won’t be hiding any of the options, as none were selected. So no additional actions are required.

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