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Slack surveys and polls integration

Our Slack integration lets you conduct surveys and polls on Slack. Post questions to Slack, get notifications in Slack for respondents and post charts of survey results to a Slack channel. It is so easy to do and can be setup with just a few clicks. It can be used for anything from a poll to a Employee NPS survey, to any of many HR forms which can be pinned to the top of channels. There are three major things you can do:


  1. Post your survey directly to a Slack channel. Include the first question of your survey directly in your message to increase your response rate.



  2. Post a survey notification to a Slack channel automatically when a respondent answers a survey and meets your criteria. For instance, get a Slack message if a respondent indicates that they are very unsatisfied or if someone completes one of the posted HR forms. The message can include variables and a link to the respondent report. You can win back at-risk customers through coordinated customer follow-up.



  3. Post a survey chart to a Slack channel. Share the results of a survey by posting a message including an image of a chart directly into a Slack channel.




Ready to take your Slack channel to the next level? Register for a free account and give our Slack integration a try.

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