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Post a survey to Slack

Using the CheckMarket integration with Slack you can also post a survey or poll to Slack. This can be either a quick poll or an entire employee satisfaction survey.

The default message will show the survey title and URL in the chosen Slack channel. When your first survey question is a Net Promoter ScoreSM, rating scale, drop-down or radio buttons question type, this question will automatically be included in the message so that respondents can immediately select an answer option.

The selected answer option will also be registered as soon as it is clicked.

Post a survey to Slack

First create the survey. When you’re ready to distribute it, select the distribution channel Via web – URL / Social media.

Then follow these steps to post it to a Slack channel:

  1. Click on Distribute
  2. Click on Web
  3. Click on Survey URL.
  4. Go to the Social media tab.
  5. Click on the Slack logo.

Tip: If you have a multilingual survey you can post a different language to each Slack channel. Or you can use the language selection page.

  1. Click on Select Channel and then on Connect new channel.
  1. Verify if the correct account was selected. Otherwise click on Change Teams (1).
  2. Select the channel you wish to post to (2).
  3. Click on Authorize (3).
  1. Type your message. You can change the Click here to start part, but make sure you don’t edit the survey URL.
  1. Click on Post.

You’ll get a confirmation as soon as the survey was posted to Slack. Go to the Slack channel and check it out. It might look like one of these examples:

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