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Invitation sending warm-up

Each time a new batch of contacts is added to a survey, the invitations will first be sent out in small batches that grow exponentially in order to be sure that not too many bounces or complaints come back.


The top priorities at CheckMarket are security, reliability and deliverability!

In order to guarantee deliverability of our emails and SMSs for all our clients, we need to have a good reputation with email and telecom providers. This means not sending too many bounces to their networks and not having their customers mark emails that originate from CheckMarket as SPAM. If our sender’s reputation goes down, it would affect all of our users, including you. We all want our emails to arrive in the inbox.

To keep a good reputation, we have a complex algorithm that takes a number of factors into account when sending out invitations. First small batches are sent out, and depending on the number of bounces and complaints that come back, the rate of sending is adjusted to speed up or slow down. If the percentage of bounces and complaints are low, all invitations are usually sent out within a couple of hours.

Why the gradual increase?

It takes a while before bounces and complaints start to come back. Recipients have to see and read the invitation before they mark it as SPAM. The complaint rate is not based on spam filters, only if a recipient actively marks it. If all the invitations are sent before the complaints and bounces come in, it would be too late to stop them from going out and causing harm to our sender’s reputation. By dripping them out slowly at first, there is time for the first reactions to come back.

How can I send faster?

The less bounces and complaints a sending gets, the faster the sending scales up. So it’s very important to always use a correct and up-to-date contact list. Use double opt-in to ensure that the email addresses entered are correct and in use, and don’t use any old and stale contact lists.If you have a time sensitive survey, in which you need to send all the email invitations at once, consider using your own email platform or SMS gateway. That will let you send them out as fast as you want.

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