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What happens if my plan’s included volumes are exceeded?

When your pricing plan volumes, e.g. the number of available respondents or emails in your plan,  drop below 10%, you will automatically receive an email alert.

What happens if my respondent or email limits are reached?

  • Respondent limit reached: When the respondent limit is reached, any additional respondents will be charged according to our standard rates:
1 – 500$0.80 | £0.60 | €0,70  / respondent
501 – 5.000$0.40 | £0.30 | €0,35 / respondent
5.001 – 10.000$0.20 | £0.15 | €0,20 / respondent
10.001 or more$0.10 | £0.10 | €0,10 / respondent


As soon as a new subscription period starts (i.e. a new month for monthly subscriptions and a new year for annual subscriptions) all respondents will again be deducted from the volumes included in the subscription. Another option if the respondent limit is reached is to upgrade your subscription so more respondents are included.


  • Email limit reached: When the email limit is reached, any additional emails will not be sent. You must upgrade your subscription to send more emails. The surveys remain “live” so that respondents can still be registered. As soon as you upgrade your subscription, the emails that are in the queue will be sent.


Note: If you upgrade your subscription, the end date of your subscription stays the same, and that any remaining volumes will not be transferred over to the new subscription period.

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