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Tips when sending reminders

Composing a good reminder is crucial to the success the reminder will have. As with the invitation, the subject line, the text and the design of the reminder will determine the click-through rate (How many contacts followed the link in the reminder to the survey).

CheckMarket offers two different reminders, which we will discuss separately.

This is the reminder for contacts that did not respond to the original invitation. Add the word ‘reminder’ to the subject line to spur the reader to open the mail. In the mail explain why it is important that the contact responds, why it is relevant to them and what they will get out of it; better service, an incentive, etc.

This reminder requires even more care to be successful. The respondent already started to fill out the survey, but stopped before finishing. Maybe they were interrupted or maybe they thought the survey was too long.

It is important that the respondent does not think that this reminder is a ‘no response reminder’, otherwise they won’t open it, thinking I already answered that survey. Make sure you set the reminder to be sent very shortly after they first started to fill out the survey (one day is best practice). Modify the subject line, adding something like ‘Incomplete:…’. Thank them for their time already. Tell them upfront and in bold that they don’t have to start over and that they will return to where they left off.

Using the above tips can easily result in a ten-fold increase in the click-through rate.

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