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Where is my data saved?

CheckMarket offers a number of data regions. A CheckMarket “Data Region” is a set of data centers located within a defined geographical area where account data is stored. Account data is not transmitted between Data Regions.

For accounts located in CheckMarket’s European Data Region, all data is stored and processed in the EEA. For accounts in the Data Regions the United States of America (US) and Canada, all data is stored and processed solely in the respective country. For accounts in the Asia Pacific Data Region, data is stored and processed in Singapore.

Current Data Regions:

Each data region has its own dedicated data centers. No account data is ever transferred between regions. For example, if your account is in our Canadian data region, your account data which includes your surveys, contacts respondents, etc is stored inside Canada at all times including back-ups and will never be transferred to another data region as described in our Privacy Policy.

Your account’s data region depends on your physical location at the moment you register for a trial account. Your data will thus be stored in the data region that is closest to your physical location at the moment of your registration.

So where is my data stored?

You can check your account’s data region by logging in to CheckMarket and clicking on Account in the top navigation bar. The data region where your data is stored is indicated on this page.

Can I move my data to another region?

No, that is not possible. Each region is a ‘data island’ and data cannot be moved from one region to another. Which region your data is stored depends on the IP address you had when you created the account. Imagine a Canadian visiting New York at the time they register for a CheckMarket account. Since the account was registered in the US, the account will be created in our US data region. This can be confirmed by checking the data region shown on the account overview page in the tool.

If you wish for your data to be stored and processed in another region, please create a new account from an IP address in that region. You will not be able to use the same email address as you are using in the existing account. You can first terminate your account in the wrong region or change the email address used there or use a new email address for the new account.

I require that my data be stored in a region that is not here?

More data regions are coming! If you have a suggestion for a new data region or have certain requirements for data storage location, please let us know! Send us an email at

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