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Use images as response options

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Instead of text you can also use images as response options or even a combination of images and text.

In order to use images as a response option, first add them to your media library.


Add the images to your media library

  1. Sign-in to CheckMarket.
  2. Click the tab Media on top of the page.
  3. Click Upload.Upload media button
  4. Locate the image on your computer and click Open.

Repeat these steps until all of your images are added to the media library. Now you can use them as response options.


Copy the images’ HTML codes

  1. In the Media tab select an image and click View.
    View button
  2. You will get a preview of the image’s actual size and some additional information such as width, height, URL and HTML code.
  3. Copy the HTML code by clicking Copy to clipboard.
    copy html link


Add the images to a question

  1. Click the Survey tab at the top of the page.
  2. Open the survey of your choice and click Edit.
  3. Click pencil icon next to the question you want to add the image to and choose Edit.
    Or: create a new question by clicking plus.
  4. Paste the HTML code in the Responses field by right-clicking in the window and selecting Paste (or by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+v).response field with image's html code

    TIP! You can also size up or size down the image by adjusting the values after width and height in the HTML code. Do take the image proportions into account so the image won’t become stretched.

    width and height

  5. As with regular questions, use a separate line for each response. In order to use multiple images as responses, copy each HTML code on a new line.span_class_reportOnly_EN
  6. Click Save.

And behold! You have just added your very first question that uses images as response options:

example question with images


Some additional tips & tricks

  • If you want to add text to this image, you can simply type it right after the HTML code. Make sure to start typing after the closing bracket ‘>’.
  • In order to put the text below the image, add the following HTML code:  “<br>text”
    This way you’re adding a so-called line break forcing the text after this tag to start on a new line.
  • For reporting purposes it is better to put text next to the image. This text will be displayed in the report with charts and filters. If you don’t want respondents to see this text you can hide it by adding the following HTML code:
    <span class="reportOnly">text</span>

    In my survey, my text would be this:


  • You can also use images hosted on your own website or domain. In this case, make sure the specific image URL is encrypted with SSL. Our surveys are hosted on a secure link by default. If your images do not have that encryption, some browser will not show these images.


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