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Add questions to your survey

After you’ve created your survey you will automatically be brought to the Edit page. Here you can add questions, edit existing questions, remove questions, add branching etc.

For each new, blank survey three areas are created: the Introduction, Page 1 and the Thank-you page.

  • Introduction: Explain the goal of your survey and maybe inform respondents which incentive they may receive after completing the questionnaire.

survey introduction

TIP! Keep the introduction short and start with a simple multiple choice question. Experience has shown that this is the best way to make people start your survey.

  • Page 1: The first page of your new survey. By clicking on the link “Add question here” you can easily and immediately start adding questions to your survey.


TIP! Short pages with a limited number of questions are more pleasant for respondents. Spread your questions over multiple pages, for example 1 page per question or per subject.

  • Thank-You page: You use a thank-you page to show your respondent he has reached the end of a survey. Do not forget to thank him profusely for the time he has taken to fill in the survey.

Thank-you page

Add questions

  1. To add a question you click on Add question here.
  2. You can now select a question type. Our 20 question types are divided into 5 categories. Depending on what you want to know you select a different question type.
  3. Select a question type by clicking on it. For this article we will select the question type single select under the Multiple choice category.
  1. Now you can write your question. The first text box is meant for the question itself like “What is your gender?” The text boxes below that are for the answers. Each separate text box is one answer choice.
  2. Respondents will have to answer the question to progress through the survey, if you select Yes for the option Response required in Settings.

response required-new

  1. When you are done, click Save.

You will immediately see the result.

Add all your questions to the survey in the same way.

Some extra tips:

  • When you can suggest a number of responses or response ranges yourself, use closed questions instead of open questions (category Open text fields). For example, use the question type Drop down list to ask for respondents’ ages. You can easily apply a filter to these responses afterwards.
  • Open questions are very useful when asking “the reason why” a certain response was given. These open questions are best put as “not required” so respondents still have the choice to answer or not. By default open questions are marked “not required” in our tool.
  • Our team of experienced market researchers regularly provides tips and tricks on how to create the perfect survey on our blog.

Copy a question from another survey

  1. To copy a question you click on Add question.
  2. You can now select a the survey where you want to copy the question from in the Copy tab.
  3. Now you see a drop-down menu that allows you to select a question from that survey.
  1. When you are done, click Copy.

Editing questions

When you want to edit a question, simply click on the arrow next to the question and click Edit. The original question edit screen will reappear. Make all necessary changes and when done, click on Save.

Tip! When you want to correct a typing error you don’t necessarily need to click on the edit icon. Simply click the text and you will be able to type your changes there. This is called inline editing.

Starting a new page

As mentioned earlier in this article, it is good practice to limit the number of questions shown on each page. You can add new pages in 3 separate ways:

  • You can easily create a new page by clicking on the Add new page button at the bottom of your survey.
  • You can also create a new page while adding a question. As soon as you are creating your second question a new option becomes available under Settings, which is Start a new page with this question. When you select this option the new question you are currently creating will automatically be put on a separate page.
  • If you have already created the questions, you can still start a new page. Click on page break in between two questions. A new page will start from that point.

Deleting questions

Deleting questions

To delete a question, click on the arrow next to the question and click Delete. The tool will request for confirmation before actually deleting the question.

delete question

Attention! Deleting a question from a live survey will permanently delete all answers to this question as well. If you still require these answers, hide the question instead.

By following the above steps you can easily create your survey. There are of course innumerable other possibilities for your survey which we haven’t touched upon yet. In our Knowledge Base you can find more articles that help you discover all of our tool’s functionalities. The Knowledge Base is updated continuously so come back regularly.
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  • hiroko - June, 2015 reply

    how can I change the text of introduction and thank you pages ?

    Nadia De Vriendt - June, 2015 reply

    hi Hiroko,

    Simply click anywhere on the text of the introduction or thank-you page so a taskbar pops up. Then you can type your changes. When you click away from the text your changes will be saved automatically.
    We call this “inline editing” (

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