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Copy survey pages

While creating your survey there are many ways in which you can speed up the process: you can start from a copy of a previous survey, you can copy survey questions, and you can also copy entire survey pages.

When copying a survey page all of the questions on that page will be copied onto a new page. Afterwards you can still add page breaks to split the questions across multiple pages.

Pro tip! If you need to copy more than one question, put them all on one single page and copy the entire page instead. Saves you tons of time!

Copy an entire survey page

  1. Go to the survey and click on Edit.
  2. Scroll to the page you wish to copy.
  3. Click on Actions in the top right corner of the page and select Copy.
copy button
  1. Select where you wish to put this copy. The original page will be marked red so you can easily identify it.
select where you want to put the new page
Pro Tip! This is where page titles really come in handy!
  1. Click on Copy.

Once the page has been copied, you can still edit the questions, add new questions, move questions around, add page breaks where necessary, etc.

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