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Become a CheckMarket client

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Becoming a client is quick and simple. If you don’t have a free trial account yet, you can create one by following the steps below. Once you become a registered user, you will gain full access to the CheckMarket tool.

We are committed to your privacy and will never disclose personal information to any third party whatsoever.

If you already have a free trial account, you can become a client by signing in to CheckMarket and following the steps below starting from step 4.

Becoming a CheckMarket client

  1. To create a new CheckMarket account, click here to sign up.
  2. Fill out this registration form.
  3. To accept our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, click on Create My FREE Account.
  4. Click the Upgrade Now button in the top right corner of your screen.
  5. Select a Pricing plan. Not sure which one to choose? Find out all options here: Which pricing plan should I choose?
  6. Select whether you want to pay now or later.
    • Now: you will be able to pay by credit card or debit card. On the following page, fill out all card details and click on Confirm and pay. Your plan will be activated immediately. This option also allows private individuals to become client.
    • Later: you wish to pay your invoices by bank transfer (or by credit card). In this case fill out all invoicing details and click on Send. Once your request for invoicing has been approved by our billing department – it will usually be handled within 1 to maximum 2 business days – your plan will be activated. This option is only available to European companies and large European organizations.


  • Your trial account is now a client account. Everything you did in the trial period is still there: trial surveys, contacts, media files…
  • You can change your free trial survey into a survey with no response limit, by clicking the upgrade to paid survey link. You can edit it further or launch it right away.
  • You can also have CheckMarket fully or partially manage your survey project or request a tender for our numerous services.

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