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Upgrade your free trial

Trial surveys have only two limits: you can collect a maximum of 25 respondents and send out a maximum of 25 emails. In order to remove these limits, you need to upgrade your trial to a subscription. This can be done with a single mouse-click. You must upgrade your account within the 14-day trial period to continue using your survey.

If you had already launched the survey prior to upgrading it, you will not lose any results in doing so. All results from respondents who filled in the survey while it was still a trial, will remain in the results.

Upgrade your trial to a subscription

    1. Sign in to CheckMarket.
    2. Click on the Upgrade Now button in the top right corner.
    3. Select the monthly or annual subscription that’s right for you and follow the steps to purchase your CheckMarket subscription.

Your account has now been upgraded and the limit of respondents and emails will update to the limit that’s included in your subscription. All survey links, questions, invitations, branching, etc. will remain the same.

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