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CheckMarket as ‘white label’

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Using CheckMarket as a white label means respondents will not see the surveys were made with the CheckMarket tool.

There are two ways in which a respondent can see that a survey comes from CheckMarket:

  • The URL of the survey that mentions the CheckMarket domain, e.g. ‘’.
  • The ‘Powered by CheckMarket’ text link at the bottom of the survey.


Change the survey URL

You can change your URL in different ways:

  • Embed the survey in your website using an iFrame. This way the specific survey URL won’t be visible. The URL mentioned in the address bar is the URL of your own webpage. An iFrame is handy when you don’t send emails via CheckMarket.
  • Use your own domain name such as ‘‘. CheckMarket can set up your account so that your survey URL mentions your own domain or subdomain. Additionally we can make it so that all email invitations are sent from this domain. Click here for more info.


Remove the ‘Powered by CheckMarket’ link

On top of changing or hiding your survey URL you can also remove the ‘Powered by CheckMarket’ links. This costs $ 0.10 per respondent. There’s no additional cost if you have an annual subscription.

If you wish to remove this link, please contact our support team. They will turn this option off for you, either for all of your surveys or for one specific survey project.

The choice is yours.


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