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I want to send a large number of emails to the same domain. What should I do?

When you are sending a large number of emails to the same domain (e.g. you have to take the spam filter into account. A lot of companies, especially companies with highly secured domains such as aviation companies or governments, have set up their spam filters to mark emails as spam when they come in large numbers from the same sender.


Things to do when sending a large number of mails to the same domain


Email batches

Spam filters will consider emails as spam as soon as a large number of emails are sent from the same domain. If you have to send a large amount of emails to one single company, we strongly suggest to set up email batches.

Own domain

We recommend using your own domain for internal surveys. This will ensure that your emails will definitely arrive. This can also be interesting when sending invitations to other companies or individuals whom you often work with, since they will recognize your domain.


A final step you can do to avoid the spam filter is to whitelist the domain you are sending the invitations from.

  • In case you are sending your invitations Via CheckMarket, contact your IT department or the IT department of the targeted company and ask them to whitelist the CheckMarket domain.
  • In case you are using your own domain, you will only have to contact the IT department of the targeted company and ask them to whitelist your own domain.

We suggest sending a preview email invitation directly to the person who will be doing the whitelisting. They can use the mail headers to choose how they want to do the whitelisting.

You can also combine the above options. We actually even recommend it.

By using a soft launch you can subsequently check if the actions taken suffice or if you need to make some adjustments.


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